Stereotaxis and Acutus medical announce strategic collaboration


Stereotaxis has announced a strategic collaboration to integrate the Stereotaxis Niobe Magnetic Navigation System and the Acutus Medical AcQMap High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System with the goal of improving patient care and the physician experience in electrophysiology.

“I was very excited to perform the first procedures using these two technologies together. The combination offers a dipole density map which identifies higher resolution conduction patterns and a therapy strategy utilizing Robotic Magnetic Navigation to precisely steer the ablation catheter to safely apply therapy,” said  Tamas Szili-Torok of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. “The procedures went very well, with successful treatment of patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation in a safe and efficient fashion. The promise of robust software integration to further enhance workflow and improve automated navigation is exciting.”

The companies have successfully performed extensive testing to demonstrate that the technologies can be used together. As part of the strategic alliance, the companies intend to integrate the technologies to further improve workflow and enhance the ability to provide automated navigation to areas of interest identified by the Acutus mapping system. The AcQMap System uniquely combines ultrasound anatomy reconstruction with an ability to detect and display higher resolution charge source maps of the heart.  The maps can be used to identify sites of interest in complex arrhythmias that can be targeted for ablation. The Stereotaxis Robotic Magnetic Navigation System utilizes computer-controlled magnetic fields to precisely direct and steer a cardiac ablation catheter with a magnet at its tip. Magnetically controlling the working tip of the interventional device enables physicians to navigate with precision to identified sites of interest to apply ablation therapy, even in complicated anatomy or difficult-to-reach areas of the heart.

“Stereotaxis and Acutus are delighted to be working together to provide electrophysiologists and patients access to a highly innovative and differentiated mapping system while using robotic magnetic navigation technology,” said David Fischel, Chairman and CEO of Stereotaxis and Vince Burgess, Chairman, President and CEO, of Acutus Medical. “Interoperability between the systems endeavors to improve procedure workflow and allow physicians and patients to seamlessly receive the benefits of both world class systems through our mutual collaboration.”




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