Stereotaxis launches e-Contact module in Europe


Stereotaxis has announced the European launch of the e-Contact module, designed to provide physicians with a simple-to-interpret indicator of catheter tip-to-tissue contact.

The e-Contact module is primarily impedance-based which allows for a direct measurement of the capacity to deliver radiofrequency energy into tissue, as opposed to measuring force as a proxy for this electrical process.  The e-Contact module can improve patient outcomes and reduce procedure times by allowing physicians to focus on ablating only when they can effectively create a lesion.

“The e-Contact module is a great addition to the Niobe magnetic navigation system.  Given the stable focal contact that Niobe provides, a simple indication of contact is perfect,” says Tamas Szili-Torok, Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  “When the system indicates optimal contact I am confident that I can deliver energy effectively into tissue.  When the indicator shows little or no contact, I manoeuvre the catheter to improve the situation. The e-Contact module has allowed me to further streamline my procedures to the point where I am now able to deliver customised treatment to my patients more efficiently than with other technologies, while still having the benefit of the Niobe system’s unmatched safety profile.”

To date, the e-Contact module has been installed in nine European sites with more than 450 procedures completed utilising the technology.


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