Symposium features HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System at 80th Annual German Cardiac Society Meeting


CardioFocus has announced that leading cardiologists across Germany will gather to discuss clinical experiences with the HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System for the treatment of atrial fibrillation on 23 April as part of the programme for the 80th Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society in Mannheim, Germany.

The Symposium, titled “Ablation under direct vision: What we learn from the application of endoscopic laser balloon,” will focus on clinical advances with the HeartLight System since its introduction into Germany. It will highlight key findings and clinical results for achieving durable pulmonary vein isolation and optimising long-term procedure efficacy. Additionally, a clinical study of 150 patients will be featured. The programme is being chaired by Dietrich Andresen, head of the Department of Medicine and Cardiology at Klinikum am Urban/Im Friedrichshain Academic Hospital in Berlin, Germany and Erik Wissner, who currently leads the Stereotaxis Laboratory at Asklepios Klinik St Georg in Hamburg, Germany.

“We are continuing to see positive patient outcomes resulting from the HeartLight System, as well as impressive longer-term success rates. The presentations that will be discussed at the Symposium document the HeartLight System as a new atrial fibrillation treatment option to provide more durable therapy. We anticipate that clinical use of this system will continue to bring new insights and data that will address an important medical need for atrial fibrillation patients,” says Andresen.

Wissner adds, “The HeartLight system is gaining converts among atrial fibrillation ablation practitioners as they realise the benefit of intra-procedural visualisation, as well as the ability to achieve more precise and durable ablation results through use of laser energy. The latest studies presented at the symposium and our own clinical experiences in Hamburg indicate that a high clinical single procedure success rate can be achieved with the HeartLight.”

Stephen Sagon, president of CardioFocus, says, “Information that will be highlighted at this year’s symposium will demonstrate the continued success of atrial fibrillation laser ablation procedures now that more than 2,000 patients have been treated using the HeartLight system. We are eager to hear from the cardiologists about their experiences and patient outcomes, as they are routinely among those at the forefront of atrial fibrillation ablation research.”