Verseon presents data on new class of anticoagulants at the 8th Biotech Showcase conference


Verseon has presented preclinical data on a new class of anticoagulents at the eighth annual Biotech Showcase. The data were presented by David Kita, the co-founder and vice president of Research and Development of Verseon.

The recently-obtained data demonstrates continuing and steady progress for the drug candidates in Verseon’s anticoagulation program, according to a press release.

These oral, highly selective, direct thrombin inhibitors have proven in preclinical efficacy studies and also show pharmacokinetic profiles suitable for oral dosing. Verseon’s compounds demonstrate reduced risk of major bleeding relative to current novel oral anticoagulants, according to the new data.

Kita says, “The data we have obtained in our anticoagulant program represents comprehensive preclinical, scientific evidence that Verseon’s compounds have lower bleeding risk than conventional therapies with equivalent or better therapeutic potential. This data will form an important part of our upcoming IND (Investigational New Drug) filings for this program.”