Vivek Reddy joins DiNovA Medtech as chief medical advisor

Vivek Reddy

DiNovA Medtech has announced that Vivek Reddy will join the company as chief medical advisor and co-founder of portfolio company Nuomao Medtech to lead cardiac arrhythmia related innovations.

Reddy is the Director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Services for the Mount Sinai Hospital and the Mount Sinai Health System (New York, USA), and leads a team of physicians and scientists to research and develop advanced therapies for cardiac arrhythmias, which includes atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardias.

DiNovA Medtech is a specialised medical device incubator that cultivates technologies through investment, incubation, and operation.

“We are honored to collaborate with Dr Reddy, who is one of the top EP physicians in our times,” said DiNovA CEO Yiwei Zhao. “Dr Reddy’s commitment to bringing new clinical solutions to help patients is well aligned with our company’s mission. We feel fortunate to have him on board to drive Nuomao’s innovation and clinical initiatives, with his tremendous clinical experiences and industry insights.”

“DiNovA is an innovation-driven medtech incubator,” said Reddy. “With DiNovA’s unique ecosystem, I believe more innovative and clinically meaningful technologies could be developed and tested through its high-efficiency approach. I am very excited to help Nuomao leverage this ecosystem to benefit patients with arrhythmias.”


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