World’s smallest single-lead, medical grade ECG launched

Kardia band
Kardia band

AliveCor has announced the availability of Kardia Band—the world’s smallest single lead medical grade ECG. Kardia Band works with Apple Watch to provide a single lead medical-grade ECG of the user’s heart rhythm to identify possible atrial fibrillation. It operates directly with Apple Watch via the Kardia app (downloadable from Apple App Store) and can immediately sync this heart rhythm analysis with other devices such as an iPad or iPhone. Results can also be directly shared with a healthcare professional or person’s circle of care.

Matthew Fay, a GP in Bradford, has been using the AliveCor Kardia technology at his practice and estimates it has reduced appointments related to palpitations and atrial fibrillation by 50%. He comments: “The huge benefit of this technology is that it saves appointments because we’re making a diagnosis in a single step. I can diagnose a patient when they first come in with heart palpitations with Kardia – which means less time and money wasted on nurse appointments and follow ups for us and the patient. Ultimately it makes for a far more efficient process for symptoms that can cause serious worry to a lot of people.”

Vic Gundotra, chief executive officer of AliveCor, says: “The challenge with arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation is that many people are asymptomatic, until they develop a stroke or heart failure, by which time it is often too late. Being able to detect user’s possible atrial fibrillation at the touch of a button and potentially before the development of any serious health conditions has the potential to significantly improve the lives of numerous people. And for those actively looking to protect their health, Kardia Band provides assurance that they are keeping a close eye – with the help of medical grade technology.”