Abbott launches Jot Dx ICM in the USA


Abbott has announced the US launch of Jot Dx, the company’s latest insertable cardiac monitor (ICM). In a press release, Abbott said that the Jot Dx ICM gives clinicians and hospitals control of how they manage the flow of information through a unique feature to view either all abnormal heart rhythm data or to simplify which irregular heart rhythms are recorded with a “key episodes” option.

The technology allows for remote detection and improved diagnosis accuracy of cardiac arrythmia in patients.

“Over the past year, there has been an increased focus on telehealth and connected care technology. This has provided access to more data, adding to the time needed to assess patients thoroughly,” said John Costello, )The Heart House, Marlton, USA. “With the Jot Dx key episodes option, the ability to distil information is a distinct, time-saving enhancement that helps care teams make important, life-saving clinical care decisions faster.”

Jot Dx ICM continuously monitors patient cardiac rhythms and connects directly to myMerlin, a downloadable mobile app that transmits data in real time to both the clinician and patient.

Jot provides clinicians increased control over patient monitoring, with an option to toggle between viewing only three key episodes or all episodes depending on individual patient needs to make and accurate diagnosis. This functionality reduces overall data burden. For example, for every 100 patients, it can save clinic staff up to 120 hours per month in reviewing electromyogram (EGM) transmissions while also providing the flexibility needed to find hard-to-detect arrhythmias.

“Technology can be intimidating, particularly when your heart is relying on it,” said Heidi Hinrichs, divisional vice president of global clinical and regulatory for Abbott’s Cardiac Rhythm Management business. “With Jot Dx ICM, myMerlin, SyncUP and our other technologies, we want people to feel supported, knowledgeable and confident when using them, and ultimately, in control of their care. We understand healthcare is not one-size-fits-all and have learned from the people who use our products that a patient-centric approach can lead to a more manageable heart health experience.”


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