AtriClip Pro•V device launched onto US market


AtriCure has launched its AtriClip Pro•V left atrial appendage exclusion system in the USA. A press release reports that the new device offers an open-ended design combined with a tip-first closure mechanism to enable easier navigation and placement when operating in minimally-invasive surgery environments.

It adds that the AtriClip Pro•V represents a significant addition to the company’s already deep offerings for epicardial left atrial appendage management. The device received 510(k) clearance in March of 2016—following a limited release—and is now available to all US customers.

According to the press release, the AtriClip Pro•V has identical forces and pressure specifications to the closed-end design of the other AtriClip devices, such as the AtriClip Flex and the AtriClip Pro2. The AtriClip PRO•V is also compatible with 12mm ports, making it a suitable choice for minimally invasive approaches. Additionally, the unique design allows for the AtriClip Pro•V to be repositioned multiple times before deployment to ensure ideal placement at the base of the appendage.

Mubashir A Mumtaz (Pinnacle Health, Pennsylvania, USA) comments: “Development of the AtriClip Pro•V is another step in the direction of a comprehensive strategy for management of the left atrial appendage. It expands the options for minimally invasive approaches including right chest access and an easier implantation of an epicardial atrial appendage clip.”

AtriCure was the first company to receive FDA clearance for a device designed specifically for occluding the left atrial appendage in 2010. To date, AtriClip products are the most widely sold left atrial appendage management device worldwide with more than 100,000 implanted to date.


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