AtriCure announces launch of the Cryoform cryoablation probe


Atricure has announced the launch of the Cryoform cryoablation probe, which offers increased probe flexibility to adapt to a variety of surgical ablation procedures.

This offering adds to the Cryoice family of ablation products which are used in the cryosurgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

“We are excited to announce the launch of the Cryoform cryoablation probe,” says Mike Carrel, president and CEO of AtriCure. “This builds off of one of our company’s core competencies in cryoablation, and offers our customers another option when performing surgical ablation by allowing for easier manipulation and application of the device. We have listened to our customers’ requests for a significantly more flexible probe that does not compromise on the core strengths and features they value most.”

The company states that the development of the Cryoform cryoablation probe is also intended to address the trend towards more minimally invasive techniques in cardiac surgery, which are being used in conjunction with a variety of cardiac therapies, including mitral and aortic valve repair. In addition to an even more malleable probe shaft, the cryogen supply tubing for the Cryoform probe has been made more flexible to allow for easier handling and delivery, which improves the overall ease-of-use in settings where range of motion is limited.

The Cryoice system offers exceptional cryo ablation performance by leveraging nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide combined with the design of the probe ensures rapid extraction of heat from targeted tissue, one of the primary determinants of success in cryo ablation. This rapid heat extraction combine with a slow and natural thawing process called active defrost, provides maximum cell death of targeted tissues.

“The Cryoform probe works well in MI-MVR procedures and allows me to easily shape and position the probe inside the left atria using endoscopic instruments,” says Nicolas Doll, Sana Herzchirugie in Stuttgart, Germany. “The probe is a great addition to the Cryoice family that I can rely on for fully transmural lesions.”

The Cryoform cryoablation probe has received CE mark and is pending FDA clearance