Biotronik launches Inventra ICD for heart failure patients with higher defibrillation thresholds


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Biotronik has announced the US launch of Inventra HF-T, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) that delivers “ultra-high” energy with 42 joules (J) on the first shock.

“For an increasing number of patients—specifically those with larger cardiac anatomy and lower ejection fraction—a shock that is higher than the standard 36‒37J may be needed to convert irregular arrhythmia,” says Mark Mascarenhas, electrophysiologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, USA. “The sooner an effective shock can be delivered, the likelihood of survival increases for these patients. For such patients, a CRT-D that delivers ultra-high energy on the first shock has a higher chance of converting the irregular arrhythmia. With the availability of Inventra HF-T, more heart failure patients will be able to receive 42J energy delivered upon the first shock and, hence, receive life-saving therapy.”

Biotronik’s Inventra line of ICDs currently includes Inventra HF-T and Inventra DX. The DX system offers dual-chamber diagnostics with one specialised defibrillator lead, benefiting patients with minimised risk and expense.