Boston Scientific begins expansion of S-ICD system in Asia


Boston Scientific Corporation has expanded the launch of its S-ICD system into parts of Asia. The first implant of the S-ICD system in Asia was performed in Hong Kong by Hung Fat Tse, professor of cardiovascular medicine, The University of Hong Kong and Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital in Pokfulam, Hong Kong, under the proctorship of Martin Stiles, director of Electrophysiology, Waikato Hospital in Hamilton, New Zealand.

“The S-ICD system is a revolutionary and unique option for patients at risk of SCA,” says Hung Fat Tse. “I envision the S-ICD system to be the first choice solution for eligible patients because it provides a less invasive therapy with performance as good as TV-ICDs.”

This defibrillation therapy has been commercially available in Europe since 2009 and was approved in the United States in late 2012.

The S-ICD does not have regulatory approval in China, Japan or South Korea and is not available for sale in those countries.