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Daiichi Sankyo leads partnership to improve access to at-home AF diagnostics

Daiichi Sankyo leads partnership to improve access to at-home AF diagnostics

Daiichi Sankyo has announced that it has entered into a collaborative agreement with three technology partners—FibriCheck, neoHealthTech and Capitol Medicare—to improve timely detection and diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF).

The partners will be working in collaboration to offer digital solutions for patients and clinicians in the management of AF as well as improving access to at-home diagnosis.

The technologies, which consist of a smartphone application and wearable echocardiogram monitoring device, will allow NHS patients with a suspected arrhythmia to be monitored remotely, enabling the detection and diagnosis for otherwise hard-to-reach patients, the partners said in a press release.

“I am delighted that Daiichi Sankyo has facilitated this collaboration with some of the most exciting digital health technology providers in this area,” said Manuel Reiberg, managing director at Daiichi Sankyo UK. “These technologies offer significant opportunities to drive earlier detection and diagnosis of AF, which as a result, supports efforts to prevent AF-related cardiovascular events. This cross-sector collaboration is a central part of our commitment to provide our healthcare partners with innovative, sustainable solutions, and we look forward to analysing the impact these projects will have on patient outcomes.”

A core objective of this project is to support delivery of the NHS’ Long Term Plan objectives to provide digital solutions for patients. A number of local integrated projects will be delivered in pilot areas at the Primary Care Network (PCN) level across the UK throughout 2021 and 2022, which will provide local data on the efficacy and outcomes of the programme.

The CEO of FibriCheck, Lars Grieten, commented on the partnership: “It is an honour to work with a pioneering company such as Daiichi Sankyo to tackle the AF burden on the NHS. As a smartphone-based solution, FibriCheck facilitates greater access to care through an entirely virtual pathway. We improve engagement and better outcomes by empowering patients with simple and effective distanced care to safely self-manage at home, and by providing clinicians with actionable data for the next steps in care. Peace of mind, evidence informed demand and appropriate resource allocation is realised through results that have been validated by medical professionals.”

Amit Bhandari, managing director of neoHealthTech, said: “neoHealthTech is proud to collaborate with Daiichi Sankyo, the rapid detection of AF will lead to quicker treatment of this high priority patient group. We provide the QardioCore device kit as an extended Holter monitoring solution. Our solution allows clinicians to monitor their patients at home in real time. Live ECG data allows patients to have the extended Holter test for the required duration. The device kit can be sent to the patient for them to wear and instantly transmit data.”

Harmandeep Singh, cardiology consultant and director and founder of Capitol Medicare, stated: “AF has always been a priority to Capitol Medicare and our collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo will allow us to ensure timely detection, reduce the number of undiagnosed AF patients and minimise the risk of stroke. The QardioCore data will be analysed within 24 hours of the patient completing the extended Holter test. A downloadable report is ready immediately after analysis and will provide recommendations based on the findings of the Holter test. This collaboration is hugely exciting for all parties involved.”


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