Eko launches AI-powered telehealth platform for cardiac exams


Eko has announced the launch of Eko Telehealth, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered telehealth platform for virtual cardiac and pulmonary monitoring. Being used by more than 200 health systems today, Eko Telehealth incorporates stethoscope and ECG live-streaming combined with embedded video conferencing and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared AI algorithms for heart murmur and atrial fibrillation (AF) detection.

“Video telemedicine and virtual patient visits only go so far. Patients with complex cardiovascular diseases will receive incomplete care through just video conference. It’s critical that a provider is able to assess a patient’s heart and lung function remotely,” said Connor Landgraf, CEO and co-founder of Eko. “The Eko intelligent telehealth platform gives providers the most comprehensive picture of a patient’s heart and lung health. Virtual cardiac and pulmonary medicine will become the standard of care even after the pandemic abates.”

In a press release, Eko said that the Eko Telehealth delivers:

  • AI-powered and FDA-cleared identification of heart murmurs and AF, assisting providers in the detection and monitoring of heart disease during virtual visits
  • Lung and heart sound live-streaming for a thorough virtual examination
  • Single-lead ECG live-streaming, enabling providers to assess for rhythm abnormalities
  • Embedded HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, or can work alongside the video conferencing platform a health system has in place

“Eko dramatically increased our ability to scale up and care for COVID-possible and COVID-positive patients. It allowed for rapid integration which immediately minimised potential exposures, decreased personal protective equipment usage and increased physician efficiencies involving virtual patient assessments and ongoing observation,” said Craig Davis, Southern Illinois Healthcare, Carbondale, USA.

“During the COVID-19 crisis it is no longer safe to send our nurses into patient homes, and this required us to rethink our house call model. Eko has introduced us to new technologies that we can safely share with patients to examine them remotely. Eko Telehealth enables us to use the DUO stethoscope, 1-lead ECG and video with the patient all in one window, making it possible to conduct thorough virtual visits on high-risk patients,” said Neil Solomon, co-founder, chief strategist and chief medical officer at MedZed.


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