Hansen Medical announces global launch of the Sensei X2 robotic system


Hansen Medical’s Sensei X2 robotic system is now commercially available in the USA and European Union. Hansen Medical says that Sensei X2 features faster processing speeds, enhanced image integration, and a lower profile design.

The Sensei X2 robotic system is a technology used during electrophysiology procedures to remotely navigate a robotic catheter in the heart atria. Sensei technology offers catheter stability, accuracy, and access to hard-to-reach areas of the atria. Sensei’s remote workstation integrates multiple imaging sources used by the physician during electrophysiology procedures. Use of Sensei has been demonstrated to reduce fluoroscopy radiation exposure during left atrial electrophysiology procedures.

“Sensei X2 incorporates insights from years of technical and clinical experience with the Sensei robotic system in electrophysiology procedures,” says Will Sutton, Hansen Medical’s chief operating officer. With the growing body of evidence in over 26 clinical studies, we believe Sensei X2 will continue to aid electrophysiologists in improving patient outcomes.”

The Sensei X2 is the third generation Sensei system. The technology has been used in over 14,000 procedures. Sensei has also been the subject of 26 clinical studies, with data collected from more than 2,700 patients. Evidence confirms low complication rates, high average contact force, catheter stability, and reduced fluoroscopy time when compared with manual procedures.