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Integrated cardiac ablation performed using remote telerobotic system

Integrated cardiac ablation performed using remote telerobotic system

Stereotaxis and Acutus Medical have announced the first integrated cardiac ablation procedure using remote TeleRobotic support. Gery Tomassoni of Baptist Health, Lexington, USA treated the patient utilising integrated Stereotaxis Robotic Magnetic Navigation and Acutus AcQMap systems supported by technical and clinical experts from each company using proprietary connectivity technology.

The integrated therapeutic approach combines high-resolution, real-time cardiac imaging and mapping from Acutus’ AcQMap system with the precision and stability of Robotic Magnetic Navigation. The integration of these advanced technologies enables physicians to clearly see a patient’s arrhythmia pattern and then reach targets to deliver therapy with accuracy, the companies said in a press release.

The TeleRobotic capabilities on the Stereotaxis System provide remote support with realtime diagnostics, preventative troubleshooting, and specialised clinical support during live procedures without the incremental risk or need of having additional personnel in the operating suite.

“In the current and ever-evolving healthcare environment we have to adapt quickly,” said Tomassoni. “Using TeleRobotics to collaborate with technology experts at Stereotaxis and Acutus has allowed me to maintain my attention on delivering the best therapy to my patients with a network of industry support available on demand.”

AcQMap uses high-resolution ultrasound imaging and charge density mapping to create a visual display of the patient’s cardiac anatomy and arrhythmia conduction pattern in real time, informing ablation strategy beyond the pulmonary veins. Physicians can then use Stereotaxis Robotic Magnetic Navigation to steer the catheter according to their treatment strategy, allowing for precise guidance in areas of the heart that can be challenging to access. Physicians operate in a control room during the procedure, reducing radiation exposure that can lead to cancer and other health issues.


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