Kardium announces first clinical use of Globe Positioning System

Hans Kottkamp performs the first clinical procedure with the Globe Positioning System

Kardium has announced the first clinical use of the Globe Positioning System—a 3D mapping and navigation feature of its flagship product, the Globe Mapping and Ablation System. The Globe System is designed for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF)—involving the use of a 122-electrode mapping and ablation system combined into a single catheter, uniting the rapid pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) of balloon catheters, the flexibility of single-tip catheters, and the high-definition mapping of multi-electrode mapping catheters, Kardium said in a press release.

The GPS 3D mapping and navigation feature allows electrophysiologists (EPs) to track the position of the Globe Catheter inside the atrium, enabling the creation of full 3D, high-definition maps of the entire atrium. This provides EPs with the ability to create a detailed atrial map to identify additional targets for ablation, and then immediately ablate them—with a single catheter.

Hans Kottkamp of Sana Hospital Benrath, Dusseldorf, Germany treated patients with the new GPS capability. “The addition of the GPS feature further expands the functionality of the Globe Mapping and Ablation System to allow mapping and ablation of the whole atrium. I can use it to create a model and high-definition map of the atrium quickly and then ablate from the same position.” said Kottkamp. “We know that isolation of the pulmonary veins may not be sufficient for many AF patients. This new capability will make it easier to provide a complete treatment for every AF patient using a single catheter, which is unprecedented.”

“The Globe Mapping and Ablation System now provides EPs with the ultimate in high-definition mapping,” added Kevin Chaplin, Kardium CEO. “The GPS feature allows EPs to quickly map the whole atrium, providing detailed information that allows them to decide on the best treatment for the patient. They can then treat the patient with the appropriate ablation, using the same catheter. This is going to help reduce procedure times while also improving the effectiveness of the procedure for each patient.”

Kardium’s Globe Mapping and Ablation System, now with the Globe Positioning System mapping and navigation feature, is available for commercial sale in Europe.


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