Kevin Campbell becomes new chief executive officer of PaceMate

Kevin Campbell

PaceMate has announced the appointment of Kevin Campbell as its new chief executive officer (CEO). A press release reports that Campbell’s work as a leading cardiologist—combined with his past roles as CEO at K-Roc Healthcare Consulting and advisor to several medical-tech start-ups—puts him in a unique position to bring PaceMate to the global digital healthcare market in Q4 of 2017.

According to the press release, PaceMate is a remote monitoring company delivering a complete, fully automated, vendor-neutral software and expert-service solution, which filters data into clinically actionable information and provides customised alert triage, as well as automated coding and claim prep.

The company brought Campbell on for his expertise as an internationally recognised cardiologist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders, and for his business acumen as a healthcare consultant for nearly five years as president and CEO of K-Roc Healthcare Consulting. Campbell additionally provides unique insight into the world of mobile health and the use of digital tools to improve health outcomes. He has served on the advisory board for numerous medical device companies, including his current role with mobile EKG maker Alive Cor.

Jason Hale, founder and president of PaceMate, says: “Today’s announcement by PaceMate marks a major milestone in our company’s early history. Drawing on the strengths of our unique product offering, team members, advisory board, and the knowledge and experience that Dr Kevin Campbell brings to the brand, PaceMate is poised to transform the remote monitoring software industry.”


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