Micra pacemaker from Medtronic wins 2015 ‘Best of What’s New’ award from Popular Science


The Micra transcatheter pacing system (TPS) has won the 2015 ‘Best of What’s New’ award in the health category from science and technology magazine, Popular Science.

The Micra pacemaker was chosen from thousands of submissions, and is one of among 100 honourees that are seen represent a significant leap forward in their respective categories by the magazine. All of the winners will be featured in Popular Science‘s December issue.

“The Best of What’s New awards honour the innovations that surprise and amaze us-those that challenge our view of what’s possible in the future,” says Cliff Ransom, editor-in-chief of Popular Science. “The award is Popular Science’s top prize, and the 100 winners-chosen from among thousands of nominees-are each a revolution in their respective fields.”

In the USA, the Micra TPS is an investigational device and not yet approved for commercial use. The device was awarded CE mark in April 2015, with approval for 1.5T and 3T full body MRI scanning providing patients with access to the most advanced imaging diagnostic procedures.

This prize was shared with Medtronic’s Hybrid closed-loop insulin pump and continuous blood glucose monitoring system.