HRS 2019: Next-gen cryoballoon ablation system provides “greater personalisation” to operators


Ante Anic (Split, Croatia) discusses the first in-human trial (CRYO-FIM) looking at a novel cryoballoon ablation system for pulmonary vein isolation at HRS 2019 (8–11 May) in San Francisco, USA.

Anic outlines how the cryoballoon ablation system works and notes that although the technology has been around in clinical practice for some years, it had been in need of “further improvement”.

This next generation Cryoballoon system will “retain all the benefits of the original system” including a “good safety profile and a good efficacy profile” but now provides improvements to the “intraprocedural aspects thus making operators, including newcomers, more comfortable in dealing with the system”.

Anic also looks at the future of the technology and how the engineers who constructed the device “might believe that there are further improvements down the line”.


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