OSYPKA AG launches HAT500® RF ablation system in Europe

HAT500® radiofrequency (RF) ablation system

OSYPKA AG has announced the launch of the HAT500® radiofrequency (RF) ablation system in Europe. The device received CE mark in October 2016.

OSYPKA AG, inventor of the world’s first radiofrequency ablation generator in 1986, presents now its eight generation of the device with the HAT500® RF ablation system.

The HAT500® generator supports bipolar ablation using two catheters simultaneously, which may be particularly helpful for ablation of ventricular tachycardias. Bipolar ablation can also be used with two irrigated catheters since up to two irrigation pumps can be connected to adapt the saline flow, depending on the energy output.

The new clean glass design of the generator, the remote control and the irrigation pump can be operated with and without gloves for the touch screen functions. A rotating wheel gives the ideal haptic feedback and allows fast changes in the set-up programming. A clearly structured colour-matching of connectors and cables prevents errors and saves time. Additionally, the “Pace&Ablate” function is optimised for simultaneous stimulation during energy discharge.

The industrial design of the HAT500® RF ablation system with its valuable glass and metal surfaces has received the Red Dot Design award 2016.

For more information please visit www.osypka.de or contact [email protected]

This announcement has been sponsored by Osypka AG.