St Jude Medical advances integration of EP lab equipment with launch of new technologies


St Jude Medical announced on 9 December 2010 several new products that provide physicians and hospitals with the opportunity for improved efficiency and information connectivity in the electrophysiology lab. The EnSite Connect Remote Support feature, EnSite Courier Module, EnSite Velocity v2.0 Software and recently launched EnSite Derexi Module are advanced technologies that allow a streamlined workflow within the electrophysiology lab.

“Improving procedural workflow is an important way to help improve efficiency and manage the cost of delivering care,” said Jane J Song, president of the St Jude Medical Atrial Fibrillation Division. “Our streamlined EP Lab offerings provide advanced technologies that optimise interconnectedness and continue to move St Jude Medical toward our ultimate goal of providing hospitals with fully integrated and networked EP labs.”

About the EnSite products

  • EnSite Velocity v.2.0 Software – EnSite Velocity v.2.0 Software adds new features and enhanced performance to the EnSite Velocity System, which launched in 2009. The EnSite Velocity v.2.0 is designed to help physicians more efficiently diagnose and guide therapy to treat abnormal heart rhythms.
  • EnSite Connect Remote Support EnSite Connect remote support improves lab efficiency by providing live, real-time viewing of the EnSite Velocity System screen by knowledgeable support staff. Through the use of a secure Internet connection, EnSite Connect support allows for rapid troubleshooting, system diagnosis and resolution of technical issues, eliminating the need for electrophysiologists to download and save case logs for off-site analysis.
  • EnSite Courier Module – The EnSite Courier Module seamlessly imports cardiac information and provides efficient networking of cardiac images such as MR, CT and 3-D rotational angiography. This networking software provides more control for the EP lab to efficiently obtain cardiac datasets when and where electrophysiologists need them.
  • EnSite Derexi Module – The recently launched EnSite Derexi Module contributes to the overall connectivity of the EP lab by providing improved efficiency and workflow, enabling communication between the EnSite Velocity Cardiac Mapping System and the EP-Workmate Recording System.

“The complete suite of St Jude Medical EnSite Velocity System products allow me to more easily collect and combine very detailed anatomical and mapping data when diagnosing or treating arrhythmias,” said William Nesbitt, of Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital. “Compared to other systems, the user interface is very intuitive and the ease of use with such a connected system creates a more flexible, efficient environment for the entire EP team.”