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BIOTRONIK opens education and innovation centre in Tokyo

BIOTRONIK opens education and innovation centre in Tokyo

BIOTRONIK have announced the opening of its Education and Innovation Centre in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan. The centre will provide the latest educational programs and services for medical professionals and respond to the needs of medical practitioners through efficient information exchange.

In Japan’s aging society there is an ever-growing demand for advanced medical technology to be used as a treatment tool and for technologies and products suitable for medical facilities. To meet this demand, BIOTRONIK is focusing on education not only for physicians but also healthcare personnel to establish more efficient workflows for BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, which can help to improve patient care at their institutions.

The centre will offer programs focused on cardiac rhythm management and vascular intervention with simulation training. In addition, the latest audio visual system and conference system will be used to exchange information between medical professionals and BIOTRONIK staff in various locations worldwide. “With the growing importance of remote care, BIOTRONIK has created a great venue for physicians and healthcare personnel to enhance their knowledge and thus improve overall care for patients,” stated Eichi Watanabe, Fujita Health University Hospital, Nagoya, Japan.

As a leader in medical device technology, BIOTRONIK’s plans are based on the concept of value-based healthcare. This approach aims at achieving compatibility between provision of medical care to improve patient’s treatment results and reduction of medical costs via collaboration with medical institutions, governments, companies, etc. The BIOTRONIK Education and Innovation Centre seeks to become a base for more effective service development and information exchange.

“Our new Education and Innovation Centre fulfils two important functions,” explained Jeffrey Annis, Managing Director, BIOTRONIK Japan. “On one hand, it provides training opportunities on market-leading technologies. On the other hand, it opens the door for medical professionals to give direct feedback on research and development for future innovations.”



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