Biotronik’s Evity quadripolar CRT-P released in Japan

Biotronik’s Evity

Biotronik’s Evity cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) has been launched in Japan. It is the company’s highest performing CRT-P, with a battery life of almost 10 years.

The device includes a new feature, LV VectorOpt, which is designed to allow for easy testing and selection of the optimal pacing vector, while SafeSync RF Telemetry should establish a wireless connection between implant and programmer during implantation and follow-up.

The new CRT-P is approved for full-body, 1.5T MRI scans. It also features the company’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) AutoDetect, a built-in sensor designed to detect an MRI environment and automatically switch the device to MRI mode, returning to normal settings after the scan.

Yuji Nakazato, Juntendo University Urayasu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, comments, “When choosing a CRT-P device we always consider three points. We check if the device has quadripolar pacing, is MRI-conditional and has acceptable longevity. The Evity CRT-P meets all these criteria with 13 LV pacing vectors, 1.5T full-body MRI capability, and an exceptional battery life. Thus we expect this device to be good not only for patients, but our physicians and staff as well.”

Evity also features Biotronik Home Monitoring, which is designed to streamline workflow and has been demonstrated to reduce hospitalisation for atrial arrhythmias and related stroke in pacemaker patients. Home Monitoring automatically collects cardiovascular data from the patient’s device and transmits it remotely to the physician without any need for patient interaction.


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