VitalConnect launches updated version of VistaCenter for remote cardiac monitoring

VitalPatch biosensor

VitalConnect has announced the launch of a new version of VistaCenter for cardiac and remote patient monitoring. This new version brings updates including simplified patient intake, live patient census views, custom notification profiles and report delivery—all designed to streamline workflow and make patient management easier and less time-intensive for physicians.

In a press release, VitalConnect said that the newly expanded workflow capabilities from VistaCenter, such as patient census, allow a full view of patient status and the ability to filter reports—which can be viewed, downloaded, printed or signed—in addition to the ability to see real-time or historical patient data, including vital signs and arrhythmia event reports, all from a HIPAA compliant login. These robust features not only streamline physician workflow, but also allow for easier patient management.

VistaCenter is a web-based system, requiring no elaborate system integration, and designed for easy customisation into the office or hospital electronic medical record systems.

“Our expanded VistaCenter not only capitalizes on the most powerful biosensor available on the market, but it also saves valuable clinical time by making patient management simpler and faster,” said Peter Van Haur, CEO, VitalConnect. “The combination of multiple views of patient data, historically or in real-time, changes the game for how patients can be monitored remotely, or in the hospital setting.”

The latest VistaCenter builds on the VitalPatch RTM mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) platform from VitalConnect, together offering the only cardiac monitoring solution that provides full access to real-time patient information. The VitalPatch RTM covers four common cardiac monitoring needs: MCT, Holter, extended Holter, and event recorder.


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